• Does your commercial pumping system or sewage lift station need repair? If it pumps sewage or water, Indy Water Solutions is the team for you!  317-834-4730

  • Pump Failure?

    If it pumps sewage or water, we’re the Central Indiana team for you!

    Indy Water Solutions specializes in installation, repair and preventative maintenance of all types of sewage lift stations and water well pumping systems.

    We often hear the following on our initial calls with customers:

    • I’ve got a lift station down.
    • Our lift station has alarmed.
    • We have a lift station pump failure.
    • We don’t have any lift station pressure.
    • We think we have a leak.
    • We need a pump system part.
    • The toilet doesn’t work.
    • We need our well water sampled and tested.

    No matter the wording used, we understand the urgency and the importance of getting you back up and running as soon as possible. Indy Water Solutions is here to help, quickly and efficiently. Additionally, we have the ability to handle plumbing inspections, well and septic inspections, conflict resolution, field investigations, project consulting and project management.

    Having trouble sourcing a part for an aging sewage lift station or pumping system. We can help. Our team has been serving all of Indiana, as well as, surrounding states for over three decades. We’ve built strong relationships with industry partners worldwide. Through this network of companies, we’ve become a great resource for sourcing for sewage lift station installation / repairs and pumping systems.

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