• Does your commercial pumping system or sewage lift station need repair? If it pumps sewage or water, Indy Water Solutions is the team for you!  317-834-4730

  • Sewage Lift Station Systems Installed, Repaired and Maintenanced  

  • Indy Water Solutions is a dynamic lift station system and well water services specialist. We believe everyone deserves quality water. 

    We provide sewage lift station and water well system installation, repair and service for the following: 

    • Sewage Pumps / Sanitary Pumps
    • Electrical Pump Control Panel Systems
    • Septic inspections
    • Pond Pumps
    • Booster Pumps
    • Sump Pumps
    • Well inspections
    • Well water pumps
    • Well maintenance and cleaning
    • Well abandonment
    • Well water sampling / testing, especially for real estate sales or refinancing

    Flexible Lift Station and Well Preventative Maintenance Programs:

    Lift stations pump sewage to the sanitary sewer and like anything mechanical, they require routine maintenance to perform at peak. Wells are your lifeblood for potable water. Ask us about our well water system preventative maintenance programs. We have one of the most flexible preventative maintenance packages around for both residential and commercial customers, including maintenance inspections, water sampling and testing for well customers.

    Having trouble sourcing a part for an aging sewage lift station or pumping system. We can help. Our team has been serving all of Indiana, as well as, surrounding states for over three decades. We’ve built strong relationships with industry partners worldwide. Through this network of companies, we’ve become a great resource for sourcing for sewage lift station installation / repairs and pumping systems.

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