• Does your commercial pumping system or sewage lift station need repair? If it pumps sewage or water, Indy Water Solutions is the team for you!  317-834-4730

  • Well Water Pumping System Installation, Repair and Maintenance:

    We believe everyone deserves quality sanitary water. With over 35 years of experience, we are well-versed in the installation, repair and service of water well systems, both commercial and residential. Including:

    • Annual Well Water Check-Up
    • Pressure Boosting
    • Storm and Lightning Damage
    • Water Well Cleaning and Rehabilitation
    • Full Service Well Abandonment, Ensuring Proper Seal by Current Code
    • Well Inspection 

    Having trouble sourcing a part for an aging water well system. We can help. Our team has been serving all of Indiana, as well as, surrounding states for over three decades. We’ve built strong relationships with industry partners worldwide. Through this network of companies, we’ve become a great resource for sourcing equipment for pumping systems.

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